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After a two-day slump in share prices spurred by the Dubai debt crisis, Bloomberg had an interview with Mark Mobius and featured his manga comic on the show. Mark Mobius Picks Emaar, 'Bombed-Out' U.A.E. Stocks (December 2, 2009)
Mark Mobius has joined Twitter, posting his views on emerging markets. He is also blogging in "Investment Adventures in Emerging Markets". (November 2009)
Mobius Seeks Private Equity Investments in Sri Lanka After War, Bloomberg said. (November 13, 2009)
Singapore's major business newspaper "The EDGE" featured an interview article with Dr. Mobius, and the comic book. (June 2009)
Korean edition is published by ArgoNine. (April 2009)
The Indonesian edition is published by Penerbit PT Elex Media Komputindo. (2008)
Chinese long-term edition is published by Merlin Publishing Co, Ltd. in Taiwan. (November 2008)
Bloomberg Television interviewed with Dr. Mobius and featured his comic. (May 29, 2008)
Dr. Mobius had a speech at "Investment Strategy Fair 2007" organized by Pan Rolling. Nearly 1,500 participants joined. (January 27, 2007)

Interview with Dr. Mobius Interview with Dr. Mobius

Dr. Mark Mobius profile

Mark Mobius, Ph.D., Executive Chairman, joined Templeton in 1987 as president of the Templeton Emerging Markets Fund, Inc. In this capacity, he directs the Templeton Global Emerging Markets Equity Group based in Templeton's 15 global offices and manages emerging markets portfolios. Dr. Mobius has spent more than 40 years working in emerging markets all over the world.

The Biographical comic depicting his career traveling the world, "Manga Mark Mobius - An Illustrated Biography of the Father of Emerging Markets Funds" is currently translated into English, Chinese, Korean, and Indonesian languages.

投資戦略フェア2007 マーク・モビアス氏講演風景1 投資戦略フェア2007 マーク・モビアス氏講演風景2
Investment Strategies Fair 2007 in Tokyo, Japan

Dr. Mobius earned Bachelors and Masters degrees from Boston University and a Ph.D. in Economics and Political Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is the author of the books "Trading With China", "The Investor's Guide to Emerging Markets", "Mobius on Emerging Markets", "Passport to Profits", "Equities - An Introduction To The Core Concepts and Mutual Funds - An Introduction To The Core Concepts"

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  • "Top 100 Most Powerful and Influential People" in 2006"
  • "Emerging Markets Equity Manager of the Year 2001"
    International Money Marketing
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    the Carson Group in 1999
  • "1994 First in Business Money Manager of the Year"
  • "Closed-End Fund Manager of the Year in 1993"
  • "Investment Trust Manager of the Year 1992"
    The Sunday Telegraph

Mark Mobius - An Illustrated Biography of the Father of Emerging Markets Funds
English edition
ISBN 9784-7759-3040-3

Japanese edition of Mark Mobius - An Illustrated Biography of the Father of Emerging Markets Funds
Japanese edition
ISBN 9784-7759-3034-2

Chinese long term edition of Mark Mobius
Chinese long term edition
ISBN 978-986-6511-01-1

Korean edition of Mark Mobius
Korean edition
ISBN 978-89-93497-08-3

Indonesian edition of Mark Mobius
Indonesian edition
ISBN 978-979-27-3218-4

Thai edition

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